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Ûphold login is a cloud-based financial service platform that allows people to move, convert, hold, and transact in a variety of assets securely.
Sign up to Uphold today Create your account in minutes and start building your portfolio on the world's easiest and secure digital asset platform Get started * We charge a 3.99%
What do I need to create an Uphold account?
To create an Uphold account, visit and follow the simple sign-up process. If you have already created an account, and need to retrieve your password, please go here: To create a business account, find out more here.
What are the benefits of using Uphold?
At Uphold, buying stocks is easy thanks to bank connectivity in 36 countries, seamless debit/credit card payments, and integration with 7 blockchain networks. Opening an account takes minutes. With Uphold, you can set up an account, verify your identity and buy U.S. equities with ease.
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